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Originally Posted by Thinc2 View Post
But wouldn't I need the receiver if I build my own quad - so should I buy a different DX6i now? Or is the receiver usually bought on it's own anyway when you build from scratch?

Does the $159 unit from .com include a receiver - I can't tell the difference between this and the euro 99 one...
you can buy a receiver for $6-$20 many places online. The receiver I just bought for my Hex cost $12 I think at Hobby King.

I'd just buy the cheaper radio and then get a receiver when you need it. You should consider the DX7 as well. A little more money, but the feature set is better. There are online comparisons that should clarify it for you. You may not need the added features of the 7 now, but you might want them later. I bought a used DX7 (not the S) for $100 locally and I'm pleased with it.
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