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Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
Just placed an order for a 650T from Cabelas.

On sale for $549

$5 shipping w/ Visa Club membership, no tax

$500 worth of Cabelas gift cards bought with Citi Thank You points.

$55 paid w/ Cabela Points

Total out of pocket - $0!!!

Hope I'm not making a mistake going back to Garmin after the fiascos I had years ago with my StreetPilot and having to 'repurchase' maps because I happened to get a new laptop. Now I just need City Nav DVD and an AMPS mount...
I got excited for a second, but with tax and shipping it was over $600, which is more than Amazon.

If anyone else is interested but doesn't have Cabela's points/rewards, go to the 650T on Amazon (make sure you have 650T selected) and scroll to feedback (in light blue) at the bottom of the page choose tell us about a lower price. All you have to do is paste the Cabela's link and type in the price. If enough people do it Amazon will usually lower their price also.

Hope you don't mind but I am also going to post this (with credit to you) in the GPS deal sticky.
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