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Feb 12 Back to Jaen

Uneventful trip back to Jaen. Same relaxing ride down the river as I had a few days ago. Just saw everything is reverse. Like these great rapids.

My original plan was to go to Celenden via about 250 km of dirt roads and then on to Cajamarca which is supposed to be another neat town.

I certainly donít mind gravel roads, I certainly donít mind dirt roads and Iím ok with some mud. What gives me the heeby jeebies is doing those when they are perched on the side of sheer drop-offs when the air is so thick with fog itís difficult to see the road, much less the edge of the road. Combine that with a bit of slippery stuff when you canít see ahead and I just ainít that good. Particularly by myself. With the odd bus and truck cruising through.

Considering that along with my incident in the fog and I decided to change my plans go back the way I came over. I am greatly disappointed. This is one of the in Peru I really wanted to ride. Apparently the scenery is staggering. Hopefully there will be another opportunity in another year when it is a little dryer.

Found Hostal Mantaro on the outskirts of town. A lot more convenient than downtown where I stayed last time. Not quite as flashy an area but the hotel actually seems nicer and about half the price with parking right at the hotel.

The three wheelers would congregate outside the Hostal.

Until one of the big Cruise Liners that park next door had to back in (They were in and out a lot) then they'd jockey around to give him room.

More tasty local food

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