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'13 EXC500 first impressions

I picked up a '13 in October last year after being off dirt bikes since about '98. I wanted a plated bike to give more riding options in SoCal.
I rode it the first time stock to break it in. Did some rode riding and hit some tight single track. Stock gearing way too high.
I changed to 14/48 to keep stock chain, added a skid plate and probend bar ends. I then went on a D37 DS ride near Death Valley and rode it about 150 miles that day mostly on dirt ranging from high speed desert to rock garden.
went really well for a 2nd ride.
I then did some tight single track in warmer weather and suffered the stalling flame out and back firing on trailing throttle. Also the seat was a bit high for me at 5'11" 33" inseam for the tight stuff.
I then lowered the shock and with the advice of the forum hear modified the emissions and added a JD tuner. It runs a lot better but it didnít run too bad stock. That said no stalling, an occasional back fire but runs smooth and has good throttle response across the RPM range. I also added a Scotts steering damper for the high speed stuff control and safety.
I am looking to increase the spring rates as going through moderate whoops it bottoms and gets squirrely.
At about 500 miles the rear tire is rounded with some knobs chunked from the rocky terrain.
Overall it is pretty much what I expected and solid so far.
I did required oil changes and valve adjustments with no issues.
The forum has been really helpful. I also have to say the rear brake is super sensitive and would like to tame it so it doesnít lock up so easily. Suggestions here would be appreciated.
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