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Originally Posted by SR View Post
That $40/hour was off my head. I don't recall what the rates were. Doesn't matter though. You don't need to pay a centavo to anyone to be able to travel in Mexico. It is not that complicated and plenty of good free advice around.
Now here is something to think about.
If the guy sells his insight into Mex riding and things go south (no pun intended but it worked out), can the person then take legal action against the guy who provided the info that was purchased? Seems like the idea that there is some financial transaction happening might open some pitfalls.
I mean, the same thing cost this thread a sticky!
That was something I still can't figure out. I mean, if you get lost in the Sahara and join a Tuareg tribe and paint your skin blue, are you going to take legal action against Chris Scot? I doubt it!

What are we all going to do, begin a class action suit against Ted Simon?

We have to keep this quiet or the Mystery Rider is going to close The Seal Club! Then nobody else will get a chance to see the beautiful little mug that came from Catemaco.
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