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Originally Posted by lost... View Post
Never been to Mike's Rancho- anybody stay there lately? Wondering what rates are for rooms and also what the camping situation is? Considering taking the KLR on the hwy 3 route on the way to Loreto in April or May.
Yep---was there about 3 weeks ago.
Had a ball there----found the dirt road going out the back side of it were extremely tough.

The short of it is:
$70 per person-----not a room---per person.

Includes dinner and breakfast which is served at a specific time----be there or don't eat-------and eat whatever they fix---you don't order----food was great.

Generator (electricity) is on for about 3 hours in the early evening -------and about 9PM off it goes.

Hot showers--plenty of water no matter is the electricity is on or not.

Nice oil heater in your room doesn't require electricity.

Heading down in.

And the tough riding out the South side

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