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Originally Posted by BryonLewis View Post
I ride a fairly modified suzki B-King (already a fairly unknown bike, only in U.S. for one year). It has projector headlight, painted blue (badges removed for painting never bothered to put them back on) and a R1 hear section and tail light.

I frequently get asked what the thing is whenever I stop someplace. It's interesting because the cruiser guys are usually more interested in it. Probably because of how wide it is.

I've actually had one Harley guy ask me if it was a custom Boss Hoss.

Everyone seems to think they know the engine better than me when I tell them it is the same thing as a Gen II Busa except different intake and exhaust.

People usually don't believe that those are the stock exhausts on the back.

I get asked if I ever get tired from the riding position, (they don't realize it's a standard position)
I always thought the B-King was a fugly bike. Then I sat on one, and it was comfortable. Then I rode it, and it was awesome. Suddenly, I thought the B-King was sexy. Way more engine and power than I'd ever need, but a fun bike indeed.
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