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Originally Posted by BigOhio View Post
Chillicothe on May 26 and was originally thinking about taking the GS-A as that is the one I'm normally riding on the road but now you have me second guessing myself. Not having any idea what they do, would a smaller bike be preferred?
Originally Posted by d mc gee View Post
I took the ERC a few years ago on my 1150 GS, maybe you should go with only 1/2 a tank of fuel. I didn't have any problems with the drills. It would seem fruitless to take the course on any thing other than your main mount.

I agree with d mc gee, Steve...none of the drills are so arduous that they cant be done with a big bike. I did this course on the Magna, which is 600 lbs (of awesome! ) and is not particularly good at turning...never dropped it once. In my class, there was a guy on a Harley bagger that was dragging hard parts on one of the cornering drills. You'll be fine on the GSA. And I'd think that the skills/drills transfer more readily from the big bike to the small, rather than vice versa.

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I'm starting a school this spring. It will be just the MSF/Ohio Motorcycle BRC, but I have been friends with Lee Parks for a long time and plan on having him out for his Total Control class once or twice a year. Total Control is a street class, but from what I understand it is very good.

Cool. I'm looking forward to it....specially if you'll be able to offer an ADV/buddy discount
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