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Originally Posted by PoundSand View Post
good thing neither of the surface tablets have atom processors then, eh?

the rt is arm, the pro is i5.

what will be interesting is if microsoft sticks with surface, and incorporates the new i5 processors with low power idle later this year...

netbooks were actually pretty huge- they got up to ~20% of the notebook market.

Yeah, it is.

I had a first gen netbook, and it was decent, but android tablets kill it.

Having had a transformer 300 for about a year now, there's no way i could handle the constant search for a power source to keep the battery charged on a 'traditional' laptop any more. Hell, I only worry about plugging mine in every couple of days.

from what I've read/researched, there's just no way any implementation of x86 will ever be able to touch arm for power consumption. Don't know much about the next gen i5 chip although everything I've read shows orders of magnitude differences.

I can't talk about windows RT, haven't touched one. I'd use android or linux, in any case. debian has been ported to ARM.

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