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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
Wrong. I love diesels, but I feel compelled to point out that between the higher cost of fuel and the premium one pays to get and maintain the diesel option it just doesn't pay off - unless you are regularly hauling lots of stuff like you are, or driving a ton of highway miles.

What pisses me off about diesel offerings in the U.S. in general is the manufacturers are ruining the Diesel's inherent, built in economy in favor of more power. While that might make sense for a truck, it makes no sense in a VW Jetta or a Chevrolet Cruze.
It all depends how much you have paid for your truck initially. For example, paying under $2k for a nice example of old government maintained diesel truck is a no brainier over a used dealer 5.4 Triton. My truck has cost me: $50 in vacuum pump, $200 in brakes and brake cables, $100 to replace all glowplugs, $30 air filter, $25 for fuel filter, $5 for a windshield wiper, $25 for fuel line kit, $90 in coolant, $100 for oil change (3 gal + filter), $30 in a freezeplug heater, and $800 for a set of 4 new tires. Which puts me slightly under $3k investment for my truck.. That's really hard to beat around here, unless you are wanting single-cab Triton. The diesel does not really need more or less maintenance than the gas truck... Yes, diesel is more expensive, and the cost can not be recouped even if you drive the crap out of them.. Your cost is offset with your initial investment.

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