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The whole subject (Countersteering) becomes easier to understand when its understood that the front wheel must be "Out-tracked" (moved to an outward track) to initiate the turn. At that point a mild negative Countersteer input maintains the distance between the arc (track) of the rear wheel and the arc (track) of the outside front wheel.

If one examines the path taken by car wheels in a turn, then one sees the same outward-track of the front wheels as compared to the track taken by the rear wheels.

Forklift Trucks do it differently.

So, possibly the best instruction to give to a learning rider is that they must displace the front end outward, and thereby place their body-mass inboard to commence a turn.

When snow skiers want to perform a swift direction change - they often jump (from snow contact) and drop their ski-shod feet well outboard for the turn. Out-tracking at its best!
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