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Originally Posted by Dread Pendragon View Post
Interview with David Reeve
A great, honest interview. He had some great support from family and friends. The fact that he's got a farm to get back to. I wish him well... I hope he gets his chance to go back.

Originally Posted by Dread Pendragon View Post
More from the Faggoter interview:

Coming back to Longreach and work – he’s a qualified motor mechanic and owns the Centretune Motorcycles business – has almost been an anticlimax. “I was back to work straight away, dealing with the backlog,” he said.

And after reading this, I wonder if maybe there were another way to help support riders: An work exchange program.

While a person couldn't replace a competitor's knowledge or skill, (don't think many could do Pyndon's job, period) I wonder if in some cases a person could spend 2-3 weeks (dude ranch style?) filling in for a rider while they're on the Dakar. It certainly wouldn't work in every situation, but might be a way to ease some stress or an absent body for the self employed ones...

Just a thought.
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