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Originally Posted by LostinCO View Post
1911Fan can you explain the rationale, as I understand and have briefly read the thread aboout "bad Heat" and mesh ie, textile will shield you from motor heat (I assume) and mesh will not. Is this what you are refering to?

I'm *a* 1911 Fan, not *the* 1911Fan... :)

There are a couple issues when the air temp gets above a certain temp with wearing mesh or no gear.

1.) Your sweat evaporates so quickly that you aren't really cooled by the effect, you end up dehydrating so quickly that heatstroke becomes a real possibility.

2.) If the outside air is hot enough the flow of hot air over your body can actually increase your core temperature like you are in a convection oven.

Wearing a vented jacket (as opposed to mesh), and using a cooling vest or wetting your T-Shirt can keep the evaporative cooling process working longer without dehydrating at a dangerous rate.

Unfortunately I don't know the hard numbers related to this.
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