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About 3-4 years back I built one of the kit lights from ledsupply and was so impressed with it I machined new housings and built a few more redesigned/finned housings using larger LED drivers that up the output by about a third. Amazing how much light can come out of that small of a unit! My whole light is two inches in diameter but the actual led is about 1/8 inch diameter with a .8 of on an inch diameter lens!

A couple months back a buddy and I did a side by side comparing my light to these Monster lights. Although they both put out about the same amount of light the Monster's have a lot more focused beam where mine are more of a flood type. Hating to be out done I immediately orderd a couple of the Monster's as well.

Two of these on the front of a scooter is WAY overkill! I only added one!

I was coming home the other night after finally taking the time to aim it correctly and was on a secondary highway. As I crested a hill that is about 3 miles distant from the next hill a car came over that distant hill and even at three miles he flashed his brights for me to dim mine! YEAH, they are THAT bright!

Use caution if using them in any non off road application though, as I am positive they would get you a ticket.
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