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Thanks Mark.

I talked with my wife some more about this, and about everyone's replies, and she is warming to the thought of having her own bike. She may just eventually inherit this one! She actually can flat foot this bike just as reasonably as I do, so it becomes a possibility for her, plus she has much better medical insurance than I do (as I have very basic coverage-I need to up it me-thinks) so perhaps she is more suited to riding than I am at the moment! She has been asking about school the last few days, as I drilled it into her head while awaiting my course to arrive before I would even ride the bike in the yard (I stayed off until I had passed and recieved my M endorsement). I learned in MSF class that attempting to do that would assuredly produce a spill anyway, on these street tires, my grassy lawn, and this Tennessee clay (something I suspected in the first place), so it proved a good thing I waited! The experience at the course was invaluable, as well.

So, now the question becomes what sort of bike to get for the replacement one, while she learns what sort of bike she wants after riding my "old" one! It will be nice to be able to go places quasi-locally together! I sure like the Heritage Soft Tail Classics, but I cannot afford them, nor dealership maintenence fees at HD! I have to start cruising Craig's List to find another JUM again! Something I don't have to hunt for parts for would be nice... The sad part is that I am getting a minor attachment to this bike, but that she is as well!

At least we should get a lot of use out of this CB 650C. I am gonna hate painting that tank and the sidecovers lime metallic flake green, though... She wants it, so I guess "Mama Said" applies... Danged marriage license... Hey, but at least I get to pick out another bike!
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