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Originally Posted by Otis the Sasquatch View Post
Quiet = Buick. They have put a LOT of effort and research in that area. Resonant frequency and airflow management, double-pane glass, and a buttload of the Good sound-deadening material. My BIL bought a Lucern a couple of years ago (after owning two Rivieras). First thing he did was take me out on the highway to show me the "18-wheeler test" the salesman had preformed on him on his test drive.

He rolled the passenger's window down, pulled me up next to a tractor-trailer, then rolled the window back up. Complete quiet!

BTW; There is a proven link between Noise and Fatigue. A quieter car can allow you more miles-per-day w/ less stress.
Guanowife needs a new car and the Buick Encore is at the top of her list for the reasons above -- Quiet is a top priority.
The Encore, new for 2013, is a rebadged Korean import that's been upscaled and "silenced" commensurate with the brand. It even incorporates noise cancellation via the "hi-fi" to counter the 1.4L turbo's buzziness. We drove one; it wasn't as serene as we'd been led to believe, but waaay better than the 16-yr-old Rav4 it'll replace. It was also quieter than the 2013 CTS-V wagon we drove (salesman insisted.....) -- but not NEARLY as fun.

Still, $30K+ is a lot of coin for a Buick-ized, Korean-built, mini-SUV -- but for small, quiet, & upscale, it's the only game in town.
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