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Originally Posted by janeuner View Post
Both of those cards will provide you a marginal-at-best improvement in performance. It would be like trading a Ninja 250 for a CBR250. Consider these instead:
Did I miss something? I thought he was running the on-board graphics of that Dell.

Sorry if I overlooked you had a card in that system, Sam. I'd agree that those cards aren't much of a trade for most other cards, but I wrote my reply based on the assumption he had no card what-so-ever, and at that point... that $50 card he listed would have been a huge jump for him.

Originally Posted by scanda View Post
Not me, normally hate beta's with all the problems that accompany it. I am plying the Arma - DAYZ beta though.
I still play it occasionally, but the cheats just drive me nuts.

One time a hacker somehow, maybe accidentally, flashed the keys to hit across the screen ... it was only for like two seconds, but I hit the one of the keys I read, which gave me a list of everyone on the server. I chose one, and instantly popped in on the map behind him (by about 8 feet) in a very heavily wooded area. I bet he shit his pants, but by the time I fired my gun he was gone. Either he was the hacker and transported himself at that point, or he logged off immediately.

At some point I think all of we DayZ enthusiasts get our fill of the flaws of basing it on the ARMA platform, and we all just stop playing it entirely. It just doesn't seem to be going anywhere good since they can't fix the open source issues.
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