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Yeah, I spoke to him, he chewed my ass off for getting the team's name wrong

I have a few questions, whenever you've got the time...

The graphic above says that "Routes and Tracks information are subject of change on the 15th of February".
I guess since you have already checked the roadbook, they are the final Routes? If not, no problem.

What I don't get with this funky graphic is:

a) The format of the long days.

For example, Day 2, I can see 132kms of Liaisons and 245kms for Specials.

Then I have refueling points, I assume with distances between them? (RF1 22km, RF2 144km, RF3 78km).
So, cumulatively, the Refueling Points for the 377km Day 2 fall at:
RF1: 22kms
RF2: 166kms (RF1 +RF2)
RF3: 244kms (RF1 + RF2 + RF3)

with another 133kms to finish the 377km long day. Am I correct or fucking up the maths?

b) Is it possible to have the daily routes as (for example):

Day 2:
L1: 50kms
SS1: 100kms
L2: 50kms
SS2: 145kms
L3: 32kms

So that (as above), L1 + L2 + L3 = 132kms, and SS1 + SS2 = 245kms. That would be a great help to figure out where the Refuelling points fall in the liaisons.

Thanks in advance, no rush.
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