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Coming Full Circle

Hi Everyone,

Been lurking on this site, and the DR200 thread for quite some time. This is truly a great thread; full of valuable information and helpful, friendly people.

My short story:

I purchased a new 2006 DR200 back in...well...2006 - and spent most of my time using it to commute around town. It was an great bike and I loved riding it - it reminded be of my motocross racing days many years back. After a few of years of riding (and being inspired by some of the threads on this site) I started to develop grand ideas of touring the country on a motorcycle.

I sold the DR and bought a 2010 BMW F650GS. Another great bike that was fun to ride. I did do a few short tours in Alberta but I never really found the time to make full use of this machine. I felt it was more than what I needed - I never really found the time to do much highway travel, it was heavier and less manuverable in city traffic, and I was starting to yern to hit the dirt again (on a lighter machine).

This week I sold the BMW and bought a new 2011 DR200 (our local dealer still had a new one in stock that they were practically giving away ($3000)). I wasn't sure about the black color scheme at first - I thought the blue and yellow looked cool - but now that I have the bike at home I think I like the black better.

I will use it as a commuter bike but also have plans to explore the network of logging roads and cut lines in some of the areas where I like to go fly fishing. I like to do all of my own mechanical work and will try to add my 2 cents to this thread where I can. Maybe I will see some of you on the trails.


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