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Originally Posted by RxZ View Post
I did this one about 7 years ago, and photoshopped it until I thought it looked cool. My wife and I are happy with the picture, and truly, that is all that matters. (I actually cropped it a "little" bit for the 4x6 in is currently framed in, but this is the original.)

That said, critique away! I have a much nicer camera now, but feel I do not know much more than the basics (I haven't hit the HDR curve posted in another thread )

That old camera does suffer a good bit in the shadows with noise but the big thing I'd say is this is a good starting point for images using the human form in more of an abstract way. I'll focus mostly on the composition since this was awhile back.

Cropping to 4x6 would help with one issue, you have 1 arm partially cropped, and the other has negative space. You really want to get these equal especially for an image like this where the body is more about the shapes than anything else (at least how I'm viewing it).

The other big thing is just work on angles and positioning, Maybe have the hands in a way that all you see coming out of them are the baby's feet. The little bit of the leg showing on the left side is one thing you should try to avoid. I know babies don't always do what you want but just be patient and have the finger on the shutter...high burst speed selected if possible just in case.

If playing around with the human form like this is a big interest of yours let me know, I'll send you some links about a photographer you should check out.
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