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Originally Posted by GHbuck View Post
I posted this one on another thread - taken with my D50 early on a cold January morning in San Diego. Appreciate the input in advance.


Is yours still going? That little camera is a tank and survived years of heavy use from me and even a year of shooting events by my friend after that.

There are a few ways to go with this photo, one would be to have the surfer be dead center and she would become almost like an abstract form there due to the positioning in the frame and body.

One thing to watch out for is the horizon line is slightly off up top, but here the edges don't have anything vital to the image so a slight bit of rotation would be fine to correct that.

The exposure is kinda dark in much of it....but it also has areas in or near maximum white so if you went further they would be blown out so that's just a challenging shot for a sensor.

Also I feel a crop could bring this more together, I'm going to list a few of the areas that could possibly go which would help make the image more concise. If you want I can try a few myself and post them as well.

The bottom part of the image before the rocks is mostly negative space so that isn't too key.

On the top part you do have the rocks but just cutting off part of the image on my screen having the sea be the backdrop seems to work pretty well.

Now if you cut down on this you'll have to take some from the sides, and for that the big part to keep is one of the areas where the long wave hasn't broken yet.
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