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Originally Posted by davek181 View Post
If you are thinking big bore, the largest I know of without doing major mods and using still using original sleeve rebored is the Wiseco 102.4. I ran one in my XL for many miles and years with no problems. I ran it with stock cam and springs etc. It made a noticeable difference in power, with no changes in mannerisms. As they say, there is no substitute for cubic inches.
Hi. Im in the process of a rebuild on my '86 and have purchased a Wiseco 101 11:1 kit. With the higher compression i was wondering about the need to look at jetting to get the most out of it.
I live at sea level, temperature range about 5 - 30 deg C. The jetting I have is 108, 65 main carb and 105 in the other.
Any advise would be appreciated so I can do it while the beast is in bits!
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