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Originally Posted by BobbySands View Post
can you give us some information on that cabin? Looked amazing.
I found it through a management/rental company online:

Just know the management company you'll deal with sucks, but the owner of this cabin and the farm (Rod) is the man. He will treat you well and I'm certain this will be one of the highlights of your trip (certainly the highlight of places stayed). Oh and the name - it's called that because it's next to heart mountain - a mountain in the shape of a heart. When you pull off the main road, there's also a building which has a visitor center totally unrelated to the farm/cabin (it's about 3 minutes before you get to the cabin on the dirt road). Apparently it was a "relocation center," during the war. But really more of a concentration camp for japenese people they didn't trust. It was closed when we were there, but could be interesting history to see for some of our country's dark past.
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