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Originally Posted by Manuel Garcia O'Kely View Post
Yea, my local store has .223, but it's all high quality Remington stuff, 20 round boxes.

I'm surprised that in all of the DFW area there's none available.

I'm hopeful that the hoarding demand will be met eventually - given how few people I see at the range, no one is shooting the hoards - so eventually they have to decide they have "Enough" - however much that is...

I'm sure going to hold off on the Savage .308 I've been eying - since you can't buy .308 NATO anywhere either.
There's probably some somewhere, but we hit up Academy a couple of weekends ago and there was literally no ammunition for pistols and only about 4 boxes off 5.45X39 and about 10 boxes of .222 REM and that was all for the rifle stuff.

Tons of shotgun ammo though.
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