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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
Cowboys Stadium 2/16/13. Hand held and it was cold out, lucky to hold it still.

Shooting on P mode with my new friend auto ISO. D 700 with the 17-35 F2.8

This is really tripod territory with a long shutter but that wasn't an option.

, the D700 just spoils you.

Angling up with an UWA can be a bit risky, here it has the front of the facade looking normal at first and then getting more and more distorted which becomes the focus and a distraction to the cool shapes going on.

This is the type of photo where I'd use it more as the raw material for an artistic image than trying to capture reality. You have the really cool curving steel support and then the very geometric part of the stadium in the left hand corner. I'd isolate these by burning the rest of it down to black. Then rotating it to a portrait orientation, either direction looks like it could work. What you're left with then is a nice abstract.

*Just a quick PS, I know you like shooting bikes, have you seen the news about the D7100? If it's everything their claiming it'll be a sweet camera for that, and will give you extra reach along with AF points covering most of the frame. It'll also be good for landscapes or detail work since there wont be an AA filter. That's the big news to me, if there are no major launch issues I might get it over the D800 for my studio work.
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