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*Just a quick PS, I know you like shooting bikes, have you seen the news about the D7100? If it's everything their claiming it'll be a sweet camera for that, and will give you extra reach along with AF points covering most of the frame. It'll also be good for landscapes or detail work since there wont be an AA filter. That's the big news to me, if there are no major launch issues I might get it over the D800 for my studio work.
I have not. I love the D700 but I'm in a dilemma. The 700 is covered under the Best Buy Black Tie extended warranty, the SB900 is not though I did buy it from them. The SB was flashing erratically, sometimes on it's own, sometimes it wouldn't fire. Assuming it was the speedlight I sent it in to Nikon, they replaced a bunch of stuff and charged me about $125 and deemed it ready to rock. Got it back and it's still doing it. I send in the D700 to Best Buy, they replaced the flash board, clean and shine, update software blah blah blah, and send it back.

IT's still doing it. I'm going to send both items into Best Buy and tell them when I get it back, if they still do it I want the camera replaced. They did that with the D40 and the D300 enabling me to buy up each time. A little whining might get me my full purchase price back and I get approx $2800 store credit for Best Buy then I'd get a D4.

I just googled the 7100 it's a $1200 DX camera I want to move up not down. Not meaning to sound like a camera snob but the better camera's cost more for a reason, reason is they are a better product. The D700 seems kind of slow on FPS @ 4 while the D4 @10 seems like you are armed for big game. I really don't want a D800 I want a D4 but would need Best Buy to replace the 700 which they just might if the camera/flash comes back again. Heck they might do it now they replaced my 300 when it came back from service and one thing that it went in for wasn't addressed and I whined a little and they immediately said, we'll replace the camera.
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