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Part of a new Series -

People of the Road: Part 1 - Strawberry Hot Springs

There we were, Bernie and I, relaxing in the hot springs as dusk approached. Strawberry Hot Springs is a series of rock pools changing from hot to cold heated by natural hot springs and cooled by the river running through. Just as I see an old camper van pull up the driveway the manager of the place comes out and yells to everyone there "It's time! We're closed for the night, everyone out!" I let Bernie know since we were camping we could stay as long as we wished. After dark the rules change a little bit....

We sat in one of the warmer pools enjoying the effects of a small bottle of whiskey and commenting on how it didn't get much better than this. We talked about possible routes and plans for the next day. I noted a glowing dot approaching - moving around the pools and eventually disappearing a good distance away before I got a chance to see it's source. I hadn't thought much of it until, to our surprise, a woman appeared out of the darkness. She disrobed and, in the manner of a good friend sitting down to place their arm around your shoulders, proceeded to sit down in the small space between us. As she introduced herself, commenting on the beautifully clear night I caught Bernie's eye with a knowing glance and the slightest trace of a smile.

We three chatted for a while about the numerous beautiful places in Colorado. We learned that the hot springs is located in one of the largest aspen groves in the sate, and this was about the nicest hot spring anywhere. We talked about the motorcycle trip, where we'd started and were planning to end. She was a teacher, having just left on a road trip around the state before school started up again. The trip would take her to visit her son in Utah for a few days. We learned she hoped to retire soon, hoping to travel more. All the while Bernie and I had been exchanging stifled glances, trying to hide our amusement at the 60 year old woman sitting between us buck *** naked.

Walking back to the tent I looked over at Bernie and said "You would've" with a grin.
Returning the look he replied "At this point in my life?"
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