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Parallel universe?


While watching the great videos and reading this report, I see some funny coincidences. Back in 04, I did a solo trip to Banff, Jasper, Icefields Parkway, Hyder, Skagway, Anchorage. On the trip, I rode a Connie the same color as yours, although mine was an '87. At least in your pics the color looks the same, I believe the 03 is a brighter red. We share the same last name. And, I see that you are a fan of the ST1300. Guess what replaced the Connie? Yup, in 06 I bought an ST1300 and still have it. Want to know what bike you will want after that? :-)

Now to the videos... You did a great job! I've always been a still camera guy because the vast majority of the home videos I've seen have been boring and torture to watch. Yours are nothing at all like that. The editing, background music, and voice-overs make yours very interesting to watch.

I think it was good fortune that your bike mount didn't work out. The helmet mount made for better video and allowed you to pan the camera. From the shadows, it looks like it was mounted on the side of your helmet. Did it give you any problems with the weight on the side?

And last, do you have any plans to sell your videos on dvd? I think they are easily as good as other things I have bought from Aerostich. Maybe with some additional footage of what worked and what didn't, it might also be a good resource for others planning a similar trip. Even after watching all seven clips, I would be willing to buy a copy to add to my motorcycle video collection for these long winters.

Again, great job. You brought back a lot of fond memories.
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