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So I'm riding through the mountains toward Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, when I spot 2 big ADV bikes on the side of the road. I pull over - one's a 1000 Strom, the other's a Caponord. Introductions all round - John from Atlanta on the Caponord and this other guy with an unpronounceable name from Ontario on the V-Strom. It was something like "Sjoerde"... well pretty soon the penny dropped and I realized I was talking to THE Sjoerde, I just didn't recognize him without the "well used" KLR.

MikeMike, I'm sorry mate, Sjoerd asked me if I had his book of hotels, I had to tell him yes, and MikeMike gave it to me.

I told him I'd plug it here to make up for the lost sale

Excellent general travel info and cheap hotel guide for Mexico and Central America - go here

Once I'd hooked up with Sjoerde and John, I didn't need the guide book - for that night anyway. We followed Sjoerde to a nice hotel a few minutes walk from the Centro in Quetzeltenango, $10/night.

When we got to the lobby there's a couple sitting there in street clothes. After cursory introductions, they seemed to know all about us. Turned out it was Hectoglider from Ontario and wife Rosie, riding 250 Sherpas south. They'd used Sjoerde's book to find the hotel. (hope to see you again on the road somewhere)

Next morning we lined up for the obligatory pic, then I headed to the beach at Montirrico and they turned back toward Mexico. Great meeting you guys.

John, me, Sjoerde

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