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Cool - so many ways to go on this bike.

I was hoping for a change of luck, but had another crap day on the bike today.

Started off alright with some soldering - the ignition wires need to be extended a couple of feet:

I threw the bars back on, along with the gauges this time. Messed up the clutch lever bracket bolt by overtightening. Not a huge deal, I'll figure something out.

I went next to put on the stainless braided brake line, but was missing a banjo bolt - the kit comes with new washers but not bolts - I had one factory bolt, but don't know what I did with the other. I figured that would be no big deal, since I have extras, but those won't work b/c they're not fine thread. $5 on for a new one... oh well.

I then noticed that my front tire was flat - so I swapped the tubes - but I think I pinched it again as it's not holding air again. I hate tubes...

Whatever. Thought I might do the exhaust today, which I've really been looking forward to. I did a couple of steps, but realized the header needs the factory piece that holds the header to the head (flange?). I hope mine's in storage still...

Next I moved on to the rearsets.

Interesting design - I like it for the shifter side.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't like the brake side at all. The problem is that it rotates freely. Having no upper limit stop, it doesn't allow you to take the slack out of the rear drum. Usually the pedal has an upper limit, so the rear adjustment nut allows you to do this, if I understand this correctly. The rear nut here is useless, as it just keeps rotating the brake pedal up. I'll have to look into this one more - it makes for an almost unusable rear brake now, and I use the rear a lot.

Fuck me - what a week. I really need a beer. A new bike wouldn't hurt either.

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