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Originally Posted by rockland213 View Post
Has anyone ever thought about building a bike with a outboard powerhead? 25-40HP They seem to be farly easy to find with bad lower units...and there not worth alot as boat motors.
Unless the engine is very old it is loop scavenged and will have a broad power band. The main issues will be mounting and power transfer. The problems with power transfer are basic engineering issues. Suitable transmissions can be found on older British or even Indian built Enfields and Harley's and their clones which have mostly separate transmissions. These usually have couches too. The PTO of the engine will have to be modified to accept a chain or belt drive to match the transmission. This is not hard but is not cheap for a one of. Same with engine mounts.all of this is basically engineering and fab.
As in the old commercial..if you have the time.......

Machine shop time runs about ninety bucks and hour and they have to take you cad files and make machine files which is usually a two hr job. So if you can tube jockey the design you can get it made. And it will not be cheap. And you will get a poor running fuel hog engine that is not optimized for its application..but you may have fun.

Lets face it. I made homemade bread, jam, marmalade and such. It is a hobby. Do I save money??? Only if my time and fruit are free.

But I have fun.

There is a dude that makes v twins based on Indian made Enfields. I think he sells them from 24k for a 44 hp bike. He sells a few a year. They are neat. He has fun. Australia I think.

One big issue. You can't register it legally in the us.
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