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Originally Posted by Fred Garvin View Post
I will be posting this in the hack section and Ural forums, but I thought I would tap the resources here for some info as to where I might be able to find a mock up or replicated machine gun to put on a Ural sidecar. My first choice would be a Russian DP 28 for authenticity purposes with a German MG 42 as my next choice. A Browning 1919A and a BAR would also work if it would be a more feasiable option. The sidecar has a pintle available along with mounts for the DP 28 and MG 42.
Inlight of all the gun controll nonsense that exists, I have questioned numerous law personnel and have gotten mixed reactions to my desires. I truyly expect to get " questioned ", but am prepared to prove that it will not fire and is for a conversational purposes and it will not be an everyday occurance but would be used primarilly for parades etc.
Thanks for any help you might provide.

Do you know about the Soviet Steeds forum for Urals? There is a TON of info over there in the modifications & accessories subforum on this very sort of thing.
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