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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Right now the top is mostly negative space being that solid color and since the real interesting parts are the color gradation and the mountains I'd zoom in on them. In your browser look at the the photo as it is now, then scroll down so you cut off everything until you get to the solid yellow. Doing that for me made it look a lot stronger.

With the mountains there is also a good bit of negative space on either side, here you can leave a little bit to still show the complete chain of them....or crop closer inside the mountains. Either way works and I think really makes the image pop a lot more.

Also with photoshop I'd bring any image in even if for a few seconds and play with curves. Being able to make a dark area black, or bring out the mid tones or highlights can really help.
It's not that I'm opposed to using PS, it's just that I like the way the picture turns out from the camera. I've used PS before to make some fancy pictures, or adjust colors or what have ye..

I appreciate the comments though. I always like seeing what others think of my work
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