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Oh, BTW, hit Wally-world today for a box of clay piegons and land o'goshen, they had 100 round boxes of 9mm, and .40 S&W, AND still had a bit of .22 LR. Wow. Of course with a three box limit. At least I kept close to what I shot today, I am down a box of .40, but I've got plenty - looks like there's a trickle making it to the market.

Guy at the counter said that they had a HUGE shipment and even had the 525 round boxes of .22, which I really want one, maybe two of. He had a shopping cart at the register that was full of flattened cartons that contained todays shipment of ammo.

As my shooting buddy observed: They got plenty of 12 Gauge, we will just shoot Skeet. I am getting a lot better with the Superpoised, plus I found a manual on line to remind me how to disassemble it for easier cleaning.

The new .40 is proving to be as easy to feed as the Browning - smooth firing and so far, perfect loading. Tried the two backstraps as well - oddly the one that feels 'better' to hold, actually bites my hand, the flatter, thinner one feels odder to hold but seems less painful to shoot. Going to try that again to be sure, its a whip to change 'em.
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