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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly View Post
We had a good rail system, then they sold most of it for scrap.
Wasn't economical ya know, makes more sense to truck it all around when fuel is $4+ gallon.
Unfortunately, the same changeover happened in Canada.

I understand that the reason is that highway maintenance is paid for by the taxpayer, and railway maintenance is paid for by the railways.

This makes trucking more competitive (lower overhead), on the backs of taxpayers and to the detriment of other road users.

60% of Canada's truck traffic is between Windsor (Detroit border town) and Quebec City, on the 401, the busiest highway in North America.

The wiki entry says it is 12 lanes wide in the GTA, but has a pic that clearly shows 18.

It usually is 16 lanes where I travel it.

I for one would sure love to see fewer trucks on it; I'm not holding my breath though.
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