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Navteq Australian Maps - Grrrrrrr!

I recently acquired a 665LM which of course comes standard with the North American Maps. I immediately purchased Australian maps (Navteq) for $150.00 and set to work using them in Melbourne, my home town. (Next week I head out into the country, I hope it will be an improvement on my current experience.)

For context, I know Melbourne extremely well and also have a Tomtom in the car. The Tomtom is set to selecting the fastest route and it does so unerringly. The Zumo is likewise set to the fastest route and it is b.f. hopeless. (Sorry for the profanity). I have followed its instructions on many occasions just to give the thing another chance, but it avoids freeways like the plague and sends me down roads that Tomtom would never dream of.

The craziest incident was coming home one afternoon I decided to go half left instead of going around the bend (no pun intended). Now this is within 400 metres of home. I got the recalculation and instead of saying 'Turn Right in 300 metres' (and then I would be home) it took me ACROSS the road in which I live, with instructions to turn first left, first left and first left again. So the idiotic map took me around a block, instead of a simple right turn.

I called Garmin (after three tries over two days and over an hour on hold I got through) and they could not help me. The young pup said to me 'But it got you there in the end'.

Does anyone know of another map of Australia I can download? I have sent an email to Whereis, but I am not hopeful.....
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