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Originally Posted by Maoule View Post
One quick question that you almost touched on: what size did you get? Or did I miss it? My XD4 is an XL and fits decently and having recently returned to riding, don't have much helmet comparison data.
Not sure if you were asking me or not but if so I wear a XXL in helmets. My XD3 fits perfectly in XXL, and bought the Nolan in XXL. It runs true to size, but the design fits more "snugly" as in less head movement in the helmet, which is a tribute to the designers.

By snugly I don't mean tight or binding in any way. In fact it's the most comfortable helmet I've yet worn - after about 10 mins you forget it's on almost.

Keeping in mind it's my head and all the yada yada disclaimers lol

The neck port is smaller than the XD3, and that initially makes it seem a bit tighter slipping on but its actually not.

And it has more visibility than the XD3
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