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Originally Posted by neduro
And what's the top speed, and how quickly does it get there, and how rough of terrain can it maintain 40 over?

1) 37ish
2) leasurely

By deep sand I will assume you mean dunes and not a beach or FL dirt roads. Dines? I have no idea. Probably not very well. Regular sand it is just fine. The baloon tires help to give it some floatation you will be going at a lesurely pace though. Rough terrain, even slower.

Big Ruckus.

Same thing. I wouldn't even think about the dunes. Too heavy and low slung with not enough power to climb a steep loose surface. I haven't tried mine in sand but in loose gravel and rocks it does great. The fat tires, low center of gravity and long wheelbase make it very stable and manageable. It has sufficent power to plow through it. I'd imagine similar conditions with sand your result would be the same.

The limiting factor with speed and rough terrain is the lack of ground clearance, short suspension travel and it's poor quality. Slow and steady is your friend. Ask Harden after he passed me the fourth time :))
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