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Originally Posted by jeffygs View Post
I dont mind the alterations as hacking is my future. I know a new clutch is required, I thought ceramic to prevent wear! any thoughts. as far as the final drive, the only thing wrong with my gs is 1st gear is tall, and I want to keep some of the ability to cruise at 65 and keep some mpg( I like colorado and its 500 miles away). As they say everything you do with a hack will be a compromise and I know, I will have to compromise.
TwinTwin has a very good handle on it, the trouble being r1100's mostly used the 33/11 final so the only acceptable final drive is the 850 37/11, you'll still be able to go 65, but what you'll find is sidecars are allot slower on two lane twisties than single bikes, you can run right along but it will take some learning. The warning sidecars are not motorcycles, but it's lots of fun and not everyone does it they always start a conversation, and I like my dogs company.DB
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