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74 CZ250,wow,ugly loud and it at the time was fast, it vibrated,leaked and it hated people,me especially\
H1 kawa,when the gods allowed for the 1% it all works it was all grins, most of the time I had my hand up its arse.
84 GS1150EF, motor galour!!, Electrics by Mr Bean, no ohms law regard made you hate.
ST4S, probably not really bad.. but I thought it was going to be Sophia Loren with some Shaquira. It always liked to remind you how brilliant Italians are and how they dont car what you think. Because adjusting valves on both sides and making excuses up for why everything is not working is normal.
97 KTM 300, I had a CR500 for years, it was fun. The KTM had two sides , one , the motor was only tuned for off and on, so in between number 2,the seat could gnaw your rectum off.
and it seized a lot, no oil in any mixture whatsoever could stop it from exploding.It never imploded.

To all you hypermotard haters, sham on you for your foul hatred and bold faced lies
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