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I have yet to try a bike with the ceramic clutch. I have just heard they do not wear, I wonder if thats true for all the parts(PP and FW).

My GS has 82K on it now, I bought it used in 97 I think it had 30K on it, I have not changed the clutch, and I do not have any clutch issues, yet.

I do expect to do the steering mod.I have the steer rite on my GL and it made a hell of a difference. Car rim on the back also sounds good as I would like to run a car tire just for the wear issues.

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I have 10K miles with the sidecar on and my original clutch (46K miles total) and no slipping yet, so still good to go, but I try to get it easy and I have a 37/11 FD. I do not have any feedback on the ceramic clutch. I have tried a GS rig with one, but the "on off" mode is a lttle bit surprising, and I'm sure you can get use it to it. The front end mod will be also on your "need to do" list, car rim tire on the back will follow soon :-)
Building a rig to your feelings and tastes could be a long project, but I have enjoyed all the different brainstorming and building steps. The better proof is I'm in the process to build (with the help of Claude) a new rig based on a R1150GSA and a EZS L.L. BTW the 1150 has the same "issues" as the 1100, and the fun is just begining all over again.
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