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Originally Posted by crashmaster View Post
He can handle deep sand on the pig if he needs to. (its all technique amigo)

But I still think he should ditch the POS KLR and get a WRR.

I didn't steer you into any deep sand carbon, sin embargo, you should really learn how to ride that stuff, even on the pig. Its not rocket science, its 100% technique and can be done on any bike, with a bit of practice. Until you get into the deep sand, you have not seen Baja California. Just sayin'.

If it works out that I can ride with you guys, I will get you off the beaten path and make sure you get through it. Or I'll just leave you there for dead. When are we going?
Waddya say, Bob?? Pick up a pair of WRR's and meet Vinnie in Baja? I'd just about quit my job for that ride.
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