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Originally Posted by xathor View Post

1.) Interstate manners. I feel the WRR is tapped out cruising at 75-80mph. With any luggage at all it feels like I am nearly pegging the throttle just to maintain that speed. I feel like something with a bit bigger displacement would alleviate the issue.
Yes, you are nearly pegging the throttle to maintain that speed. Is the problem that you don't feel it's safe to have so little speed in reserve, or are you worried the motor is working too hard?

The WRR is geared slightly too high for maximum speed, and will go a little faster with lower gearing, especially if you are trying to push saddlebags through the wind. (The same volume of luggage sitting behind you will cut through the wind a lot more efficiently.) It may seem like the engine is spinning too fast, but because of the very short stroke on the little motor, the piston is actually moving slower than a KLR or DR at highway speed.

Highway comfort is highly subjective. None of the single cylinder dual sports will give you Gold Wing level refinement. Most of them vibrate a lot more than the WRR. You won't be able to choose a successor to your WRR without taking it out on the highway and making a nice long run at 75-80 mph, preferably with your WRR along so you can switch back and forth for reference. You might find out you have it better than you realize.

If you want something more reliable running at 75-80, you won't find it. If you want something smoother at 75-80, you might find it. If you want something really light that has more torque and is just as comfortable at 75-80, I don't know what that would be. If I were you I would find a fellow ADVrider who would let me ride his 500 EXC. If you love it, great. If not, you need to at least get something a lot heavier than a WRR.

I personally feel the otherwise excellent DR650 is just way too stinking heavy to ride off road. I tried it and I truly hated it. It seemed like a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen.
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