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I think the clean up on my elbow may involve removing some boney bits and scar tissue. I asked about the hardware but he said it will stay unless it causes problems.

Im sure all our injuries are similar but there would be enough difference to warrant different treatment regimes. But then again each surgeon will have their own methods for treating an injury..

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These are not things I wanted to hear.

Hope it is okay I keep carrying on about this, on this thread. Although tons of the boys I ride with have bionic parts too, no one has had this injury, so it is really nice to be able to talk to some people who have been in the same boat so I can get more info.

I have faith in how my surgeon went about this, I walked around for ten long days after the accident with the bones dangling and smashing into each other in there just so I could have him do the surgery because I had heard such wonderful things about him. Last time I saw him, he was a little surprised that I have such little motion and said he could maybe go back in and "loosen things up a bit", but I had no idea what he meant. I never even thought of having to get some of this stuff ripped back out. I see him in a few weeks and am going to inquire about that. Of course that is the last thing I want to have to go through, but it sure sounds like it helped you a ton.

What I read... "blah blah blah".

No. Seriously though. Thanks for all of your input. Really.
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