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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Does it give you an image file or make you a new RAW? And which one does it take as the input? I'm wondering because the tough part of this image is the light on the lighthouse, when I opened up curves I saw this:

That little blip in the end is the light but everything else is pretty far back in the mid tones. If you could burn it down/mask and bring down exposure in something like lightroom slightly that would help give some room to bring everything else up.

Before I post it looking at my crop I think I went a tiny bit too far but it'll give you an idea:

The thing I was struggling with was between leaving that extra bit in and the effect it had to the position of the lighthouse. Right now it's off center enough to be obviously that way. But as you get closer to the center the fact that it's close but not perfect will be something that makes it a little uneasy in some cases.

I'll admit a personal bias against absolutely centered focal points, I really only like to go to them when that's the main part of the photo and in a way I want to smack the viewer in the head and yell LOOK AT THIS!
I import my pictures into Aperture, then export them to the image stacking program. When Aperture exports the image, it converts it from RAW to JPEG.

I took the picture for the star trails, I just needed a good foreground subject. My wife and I were on a pier in Sturgeon Bay, WI and it was about 10 out. My wife being me wife under dressed and was complaining from the second we got out of the car (the DHS no trespassing signs didn't help either, we were on Coast Guard property).

Long story short, I could and should have composed the picture better.

Thanks for all the great and obviously professional advice, I will take it to heart!
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