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Question Some help converting Magellan waypoint > Garmin waypoint ?

Greetings Inmates

I'm working on a personal project that requires riding to a specific location in the SoCA area.
The only info that I have been able to obtain, so far, has been some coordinates taken with a Magellan GPS a couple of years ago.
I've got a Zumo 550, Mapsource and BaseCamp on the laptop.
I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to GPS and I've spent all weekend trying different "calculators" I've found on the web, coming up with a minimum of 3 different locations for those Magellan numbers.
I'm seeing double decimals, hours, minutes, and seconds.

I need some help quickly, in simple English, (preferably 25 words or less) to convert the Magellan location to something I can enter into the Garmin or input into BaseCamp/Mapsource....

Thanx in advance
Ride Safe....and with a purpose
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