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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
I stand corrected! 25 hours instead of 15.

I was going by the local HD shops program...but it is run by an independent company.

I guess some states do things differently. Each training facility here has at least five extra bikes(that are serviced and ready to go), and have an actual classroom. The HD shop has their class in the employee break room.
One dealership I work at, we hang out in a seperate HOG building. Nice place, other dealership we are in a confrence room. What I think is pretty cool is a lot of HD shops grill every Saturday. So it's a fun hang out time with lots of people from around the area.

I think GA lost a lot of cash when it came to the Motorcycle safety program. A lot of state bikes are pretty old and not very well maintained..... lots of mid 80's rebels and GN125 oh and a few CB 125's. CA certainly has more cash than us.
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