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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
It's the same course no matter where you go except Oregon and Idaho. They have their own curriculum(AFAIK only difference is the range exercises) and not MSF's.
That's funny, considering the lawsuit was mostly over copyright claims on classroom materials and some terms, like "clutch lever".

The ONLY thing used in Idaho and Oregon is one video on impairments (yeah, the Chip Eston video) which I'm told is no longer used by MSF. Actually, I can't speak for Idaho- I know there are differences to what Oregon teaches, as both programs have tweaked things in the past few years.

Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
I think that RE instructor was making a sales pitch to increase his paycheck.
Cringe. I'd hate to ever hear of a direct correlation between a student passing and an instructor's income- that's BS. But even the potential conflict of interest with a company making a sale or not based on whether a student gets an endorsement waiver is too much for some states. RE as intended by HD and MSF was never going to fly in Oregon because of that.

is Even the "better prepared bikes" part was probably BS.
Well, they'd be Buells- that is, Harleys. REAL bikes.

All MSF bikes are supposed to be maintained in good working order...
Wish in one hand, in the other... I know of sites that have eventually lost their franchise because of poor maintenance (although it's easier to lose it due to RC's in loose cannon mode, teaching their own thing under the MSF's name).

Originally Posted by Veteran Noob View Post
Local classes share bikes dependent on enrollment. One of the guys I work with took the MSF course and he had to share a bike. Spent two days on the range but took turns practicing each exercise.
That's bollocks. Students have enough stress without all that. Caveat: Insurance rules limit bikes to 12 on a full size range. Sometimes we have 1-2 returning students taking a skill retest inline with a class; they share a bike with a regular student. But not as part of training.

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