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Originally Posted by TheDudeAbides View Post
Look, it's clear to me that everyone (including OP Brian) thinks that Paul and HDB make outstanding products. Heck, my sig line says "Best dual sport mirrors I"ve ever owned". No one disputes the quality of the products.

What was in dispute was the quality of customer service Brian received. Fair enough. Maybe he got some confusing answers from Derek or whatever. But after reading through this thread and the head explody stuff It's very clear to me that
A) Brian came here first on a public forum bitching and complaining before he ever talked to or emailed Paul. That aint right Brian.
B) Once Paul was contacted, he did everything he could to rectify the situatiuon and make it right. To do so, he needed Brian to look at his PayPal invoice.
C) Brian has/had no idea what in the hell a Paypal invoice was or how to find it.
D) Paul explained to Brian what a Paypal invoice was and where to find it
E) Brian found it easier to bitch and whine in public rather than click on the "invoice" tab of his Paypal receipt, because Brian's brand of martyrdom requires an audience.

F) The inmates have resoundingly sided with Paul on this and everyone who has ever dealt with him has agreed that Paul makes the best stuff in the industry, offers the best customer service in the industry, makes every effort to bend over backwards to correct any problems and that Brian must be a high maintenance, attention seeking drama queen.

You know Paul has a discount for ADV guys right?
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