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I bought an XR650l. Big bore, high compression. HRC cam. Ported and valve job by XRs Only, so I knew it was done right. 17in. Wheels. It had been lowered by some real suspension guys, so I knew that was right too. Carrillo rod and the crank was built by Falicon. The engine was done right and for high dollars. It worked OK. It wasn't dog slow, but it wasn't fast either. It cornered OK. But the bike was disappointing to me overall. When cold, the carburetion sucked.
When hot, it sucked also. In the middle, it was perfect. The high compression made it ping on most premium gas, and coupled with the big bore kit, if it didn't start immediately, the battery would drag down and die. I push started it more than a few times at gas stations and stores..

I traded it for a low miles Sportster, which was a piece of shit, but that's a whole 'nother story.
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